The Arts Society, originally NADFAS, was the inspiration of Patricia Fay who, in 1965, started the Chiltern Antique Group – later to become the Chiltern DFAS. Such was the success of this initiative that other Societies followed, and the first eleven societies formed NADFAS in 1968.

Yet more Societies rapidly came into being, and it wasn't long before our Society was formed in 1971 by Vivian Tubbs and a number of like minded friends. We celebrated the Fortieth Anniversary of this important milestone with a Summer Party at Wolfson College on 16 June 2011, in the presence of our Founder Chairman and the National Chairman, Mrs. Gri Harrison. The enthusiasm for NADFAS in Cambridge has proved so great that since 1972, another three societies have opened in the Cambridge area.

We are already thinking about how we shall celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2021.  Our membership has grown since those early days and the enthusiasm and energy our members have for everything encompassed by the remit of The Arts Society is undimmed.