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13 June 2019A Passion for Fashion
10 October 2019‘Becoming a Conservator’ – The Hamilton Kerr Institute and Educating the Next Generation of Paintings Conservators
14 November 2019The Art of Snow and Ice: How Artists Transformed the Winter Landscape
05 December 2019From Downton to Gatsby, Jewellery and Fashion 1890–1929
09 January 2020Packing up the Nation
30 January 2020Through a Glass Darkly: A Study of Glass through the Eyes of the Artist
20 February 2020“So They Do Cook After All!” Ravilious, Bawden and the Great Bardfield Artists
12 March 2020The Silk Road and the Arts of China
09 April 2020A Proliferation of Pattern and Wallpapers 1920–2000
07 May 2020Powder and Poison: Cosmetics, Beauty and the Art of Portraiture
04 June 2020Mad Men and Artists: How the Advertising Industry Exploited Fine Art

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A Passion for Fashion Sally Hoban Thursday 13 June 2019

A Passion for Fashion tells the story of 20th century fashion design, tracing how clothes, textiles and accessories were influenced by contemporary history. It includes the elegant fashions of the Edwardian era, the glamour of the 1920s and 1930s, the austerity of the 1940s, the futuristic fashions of the 1950s, the liberating styles of the 1960s and the avant-garde fashions of the 1970s to the present day.