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10 October 2019‘Becoming a Conservator’ – The Hamilton Kerr Institute and Educating the Next Generation of Paintings Conservators
13 June 2019A Passion for Fashion
09 May 2019Dame Zaha Hadid
18 April 2019The Guggenheims: a Dynasty of Art Collectors
07 March 2019Eileen Gray, an Irish Rebel
07 February 2019Same Old ... Same New
24 January 2019Revealing the Beauty of Nature: the Landscape Art of Andy Goldsworthy
10 January 2019The Other Side: Counter Memorials
06 December 2018From Garbo to Garland: The Magical Art of Hollywood
08 November 2018The Country House Library: A grand Tour
11 October 2018The Magnificent Maya – Facts and Fantasy
14 June 2018The Promenade des Anglais: Artists in Nice
17 May 2018The Art and Culture of Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
19 April 2018Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
15 March 2018The Imperial Easter Eggs of Carl Fabergé before the Revolution
22 February 2018Let There be Light
01 February 2018Rachel Whiteread
18 January 2018Scandinavia: Art and Design c. 1880-1950
30 November 2017How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art
09 November 2017The Most Infamous Family in History: the Borgias
05 October 2017Artists and Espionage: the Lawn Road Flats NW3
15 June 2017When Britain Clicked: Fab Photographs from the Swinging Sixties
18 May 2017The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert "Queen of Paris"
13 April 2017A View from the Plinth: a Review of Contemporary Public Sculpture
16 March 2017Domes and Minarets: Mosques of the Islamic World
23 February 2017The Parker Library
02 February 2017Introduction to Ice Age Art
19 January 2017Forty Shades of Green: Gardening in Ireland, Past and Present
01 December 2016Christmas Dinner: from EdwardI to Edward VII
10 November 2016Cornelia Parker
06 October 2016Edwardian Opulence: The Portraiture of John Singer Sargent
16 June 2016Dumfries House: Saved for the Nation
19 May 2016Behind the Scenes, Curating the Art Gallery
14 April 2016The Role of Arts in the cycle of crime, prison and reoffending
17 March 2016William Burges: genius designer of Victorian Gothic
25 February 2016Botticelli's Florence
04 February 2016Jacob Epstein
14 January 2016Venice in 18th century London
03 December 2015Pigments: Hidden Sources of Power in Paintings
12 November 2015The Decline and Fall of Roman Britain
15 October 2015Laos: From Historic Temples to Modern Silkweaving
14 May 2015THE TATE REVISITED : The new face of an old friend: a History of the Tate, its collections and modern redevelopment
19 March 2015DENYS LASDUN AND THE NATIONAL THEATRE. Architectural Masterpiece or was Prince Charles right after all?
05 February 2015TRIBAL RUGS; TREASURES OF THE BLACK TENT Antique Tribal Rugs and Dowry Weavings of The Persian and Central Asian Nomads
13 November 2014The Not So Still Lives of Ben Nicholson
16 October 2014Russian Art
12 June 2014Meet me at the Waldorf
15 May 2014The New Ashmolean Museum and its classical collections
24 April 2014The Jewellery of Rene Lalique
27 March 2014Nicholas Pevsner In Cambridge
27 February 2014World Fairs 1851-1900: International exhibitions their scope and influence
06 February 2014War Artists, Spies and the art of deception
16 January 2014Rubens at home: portraits of family and friends
05 December 2013Christmas at Covent garden: 300 years of Christmas shows at one of London’s great theatres
14 November 2013Dreamtime to Machine Time: Aboriginal Art
10 October 2013The British Portrait: Hogarth to Hockney
13 June 2013Diaghelev’s Ballets Russes: A Synthesis of Excellence?
16 May 2013AGM then The Destruction of the Monasteries :The greatest act of vandalism in English History
18 April 2013The Hitler Emigres
21 March 2013Charles Rennie Mackintosh
21 February 2013Medieval Manuscripts and the Parker Library
31 January 2013From Vanbrugh to Repton: the English Landscape Garden
10 January 2013Canals, Carnivals and Courtesans:the art of l8th century Venice
13 December 2012Excess Baggage: The Journey of the Magi, From S. Matthew to the Medici
08 November 2012Brothers in Art: the Pre-Raphaelites- Britain’s Greatest Artists?
11 October 2012Gertrude Stein and her Set
14 June 2012In the wake of Handel –the impact of Handel and his music on 300 years of British culture
17 May 2012The Art And Scandolous Lives Of The Bloomsbury Group
26 April 2012Architecture at the London Olympics 2012
29 March 2012Mosaics of Ravenna
01 March 2012Pearls and pomegranates, peacocks and pipes: The hidden language of renaissance art.
02 February 2012Brothers of the Brush: Artist Monks in 15th Century Florence
12 January 2012The Impressionists – French avant garde in context
15 December 2011Russian Art and Music of the 19th Century with music
10 November 2011Sorolla – Painter of sunlight
13 October 2011Dickens revisited 1812-2012

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‘Becoming a Conservator’ – The Hamilton Kerr Institute and Educating the Next Generation of Paintings Conservators Rupert Featherstone Thursday 10 October 2019

The Hamilton Kerr Institute is one of the world’s leading centres for teaching and research in the conservation of easel paintings, and the prestigious and intensive postgraduate course is an essential path to follow for those pursuing a career in paintings conservation. The valuable support of TASC in providing bursaries has helped enable two very promising students to pursue their dream of a career in conservation. Both will join HKI Director Rupert Featherstone to present the work they have done during the first year of the three-year postgraduate Diploma. Rupert will introduce the
educational work of the HKI and explain how the training is structured. The two students, Rowan Frame and Joanna Neville, will then talk about their technical reconstructions of ‘old master’ paintings using authentic materials and a variety of techniques. This vital component of the first year of their course gives them a deep understanding of the materials and methods used by artists of the past. Finally, Rupert will highlight some of the other conservation work and research that students undertake during their training.