07 April 2020WTABB no 12 -a generous gift from Mary Alexander...
04 April 2020WTABB no 13 - For one night only - BBC2 9.45 Titian Behind Closed Doors
03 April 2020WTABB no. 11 - A Guided Walk Through Cambridge Botanic Garden
02 April 2020Further WTABB - No 10 Tableaux Vivants - Ludovica Rambelli Teatro
02 April 2020David Hockney in Normandy WTABB No. 7
02 April 2020Ways to avoid being bored! No.6
01 April 2020WTABB 9 - Wordsworth (St John's) read by Ian McKellan (St Catharine's)
01 April 2020WTABB 8
31 March 2020Ways to avoid being bored! No. 2 and No. 3 and No.4 and No.5
31 March 2020Ways to avoid being bored! No. 1 - ideas from your Committee
30 March 2020Connections
09 March 2020Covid-19
04 November 2019Trip Report - HKI Institute
07 June 2019Changes to Bus Route U at Madingley Park & Ride
07 June 2019Parking
04 June 2019Derbyshire Trip Report
11 April 2019Would you like to join the Committee?
02 January 2019A PLEASING TERROR – Event Report
01 December 2018Anniversary e-Book
28 November 2018The Arts Society Cambridge grant to the St. Catharine's Girls Choir
22 October 2018Trip Report for Henry Moore House and Studio
12 July 2018College Gardens Walking Tour Report
10 May 2018TAS 50th Anniversary Lecture
04 May 2018Jane Austen at Home
22 March 2018Thank you note from the Fitzwilliam Museum
02 February 2018Press Release: The Arts Society Cambridge donates £9,000 to the Hamilton Kerr Institute to fund student bursaries

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WTABB no 12 -a generous gift from Mary Alexander...
Tuesday 07 April 2020

The President of TAS Glaven Valley is Mary Alexander who is a very well respected Arts Society lecturer.  As a gift to her Society in these strange times, she is preparing moments of art history and consideration which can be found on the TAS Glaven Valley site under Our Society and Documents.  They will be added to weekly (on a Tuesday) so do check each week.  Mary has generously said we at TAS Cambridge can get a peek too.  We hope you enjoy them.